I feel highly privileged in welcoming you to an educational instituate that reflects energy , enthusiasm and excellence . Here at St Joseph's Sr. Sec School , your children study not only to gain knowledge but also to explore the perfection that lies within them. Because we believe that each child is " NATURALLY GIFTED " and the role of the school is to nature that talent. The amiable envirionment , extensive exteriors and inspiring interiors of our school ensure the all round development of your children. The talented and dedicated team of our teachers work tirelessly to groom the hidden potentials of the students. Our vision and mission is to produce a truly ' INDIAN CITIZEN ' by providing national level of schooling alongwith traditional, moral and human values.

The new session brings forth new hopes and promises . We aspire to introduce new and effective curriculam with strict adherence to new C.B.S.E Pattern. We intend to maintain deeper and warmer relations with parents and guadians. We also wish to implement improved assesment techniques for better insight on your child's strengths and needs. The school is commited to organising a healthy array of extra curricular and co-curricular activities in order to tap talent of our budding stars.

We believe that the pious duty of an educationatist is to build a strong foundation of empowering the students, parents and schhol management are a team . I seek the co-operation of everyone so that all we can make rainbows of bright future for our children.

With best wishes to one and all