St. Joseph's School adopts and adapts the philosophy of CBSE to practice education for all without discrimination of any sort so that the needs of this age group are addressed. The prime focus of the school is to a great extent the same as the Board. The school practices a skill based curriculum and is content driven too. St. Joseph's School believes education is for life and not for passing the class 10th and 12th examinations. Children are given the space and democratic set up to enable them to develop the power of introspection and the belief that freedom comes with a responsibility.

Children learn the skills of learning for continuous improved through smart classes and skilled teachers. The classroom transactions are designed to generate Inter-disciplinary knowledge through interactive sessions by creating opportunities for processing information. Faculties in St. Joseph's School are facilitators in the true sense of the word as they model and coach the children, providing the children with the required scaffolding to draw out their best potential.