St. Joseph’s School Sports facilities include a lush green Cricket ground with two turf wickets of National Standard. There is also a special playground designed for students of the pre-primary section.

AAll the major games including Cricket, Football, Badminton etc are played by the students. Indoor games such as Table Tennis, Chess and Carom Board are available for rainy days. Yoga is taught to the students with an aim to develop a higher level of concentration and flexibility. Hikes, Camps, Field Trips and Study Tours are organised regularly to enable the children to explore and to learn pragmatically.

The school emphasis on co-curricular activities and holistic development of students has led it to implement innovative sports programmes like Leap Start. Each of the activities of this programme is custom-made for the students and encourages them to fully embrace sports and fitness. It is also helps them to develop motor, cognitive and social skills along with enhancing their academic aptitude.

All Students are encouraged to take part in sports activities of their choice.